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Through documentary photography, Joonas Brandt discovers and enlightens subjects that seem almost conventional in our daily lives. As an experienced and intuitive photographer Brandt searches always for more.

Brandt’s awards include several recognitions in Pictures of the Year contests (Fin) and he has been awarded as the Young Press Photographer of the Year (Fin) and the Editorial Photographer of the Year (Fin). He's also an assisting photo editor in Raw View magazine and a founding member of the editorial board.

His clients include Helsingin Sanomat, YLE, X-Magazine, Inhimillisiä Uutisia, The Red Cross, WSOY, Kirkko & Kaupunki -media, Amnesty,  Journalisti and various other publications and customers.

Joonas Brandt  is currently based in Helsinki, Finland. He is available for photography assignments, mainly focusing on documentary, journalism and portraiture, anywhere, anytime.


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